The Alliance for a Drug-Free Shiawassee


Alliance For A Drug-Free Shiawassee

Mobilizing the whole community to create a safe and drug-free environment for our youth.

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Alliance for a Drug Free Shiawassee is a Coalition of organizations, agencies, sectors, and advocates seeking to work together to strengthen the resilience of youth and families and the overall community to prevent substance abuse and related crime, violence and social harm. This is a voluntary association seeking to leverage and maximize the impact of existing resources and assets in the county, and to mobilize additional support and resources to expand access to effective and high quality education, prevention, treatment, recovery and enforcement strategies. Please feel free to join us; your input is valued and needed!



s we have found, heroin and opioid addiction can happen to people from every race, ethnicity, income level, age group and religious background.

Addiction is a disease for which there is no cure, caused by physical changes to the brain that make it impossible for an addicted person to stop using. Addiction can be managed with medical treatment and support networks.

You will find some effective local resources here.